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1)  What items do I have to bring?  The only items you will need are your clothes, toiletries, bedding for your bed, bath towels, supplies such as dish soap, sponge, kitchen trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry products.

2) What items do you provide?  We provide fully furnished units, the kitchens have a microwave, coffee pot, toaster, pots/pans, dishes, silverware, mixing bowls, spatulas and other every day items, the bedrooms have a Double bed, nightstand, dresser, and 32" SMART TV.

3) Do you provide WiFi and Cable?  Yes, there is WiFi and we provide Xfinity cable to the Livingroom TV, each room has a SMART TV so you can use your Netflix account to watch TV or movies.

4) Do you have a Pool Table?  We have a game room that has a pool table

5) How many people can live in a unit?  Our apartments are 2 person occupancy, but we have found there are students that are coming with a friend or family member, so we have the ability to make 1 room double occupancy, that room would have 1 Full and 1 Twin Bed, 1 dresser, 1 nightstand (the rent is $600 each bed)

6) What if I want to bring my family/girlfriend with me while I am at school?   If you want/need to bring your family/girlfriend you would have to rent both rooms in the unit. We don't mind occasionalovernight guests but you are not allowed to have your significant other move in with you even though you are only using 1 room, and even if your "roommate" is ok with it. These types of needs require you to rent the entire unit.

7) When do I have to pay my security deposit and rent?  The security deposit needs to be paid as soon as you have decided to stay at our facility, we will not "hold" a room for anyone who has not paid their deposit. The 1st & 4th(last) months rent will be due the day you move in, every month thereafter will be due on the 1st (there isn't a grace period beyond the 1st). LATE RENT PAYMENTS WILL BE CHARGED $25 DAY LATE FEE and all payments must be paid online on this website.

         a) But I am waiting on my funding what do I do?  We understand that this is a big financial commitment, with tuition, tools, room and board, it is a lot. However, we are a small business and we have obligations as well, so we are not able to "wait" for your funding, we have to make sure everyone is able to pay their security deposits in advance and rent on time each month.

8) Do you pro-rate the last month's rent?  NO, we charge 4 full months, we feel our prices are already competitive with other facilities that do not offer renters insurance, bi-weekly cleaning and/or even utilities all inclusive.

9) How close to the NLC campus are you?  The facility is 2.3 miles away, it takes about 5 minutes to get there. It is convenient and a lot of students come home for lunch or for extended breaks between classes instead of sitting around campus.

10) Do you provide a BBQ pit?  Yes, we have both gas and charcoal BBQs however, we DO NOT provide the propane nor the charcoal.

11) When can I move in and when do I move out?  You can move in the Saturday before classes start, we will work out a time because we will need to do a Move In Inspection with you, and you will need to be out on Saturday (by 12pm) following your graduation day. We will begin the Move Out Inspections at 10am.

12) When will I get my deposit back?  Legally we have 21 days to return your deposit, after the Move Out Inspection we will know if any items warrant a deduction from the deposit, and also we will have to check the utility usage to see if your unit has gone over the $100 monthly allowance. Depending on these things we may give it back to you that day or will have to send it within the 21 day time frame.

13) Do I have a lock on my bedroom door?  Yes, each room has a keyed lock (if you lose your key we will charge a $25 key replacement fee) however, the front door has keyless entry, each tenant will have their own unique code to use, which will be deleted after you've moved out.

14) Do you allow pets?  NO, no pets of ANY kind are allowed, this includes snakes and lizards 

15) What do you mean by a $100 utility allowance?  This is referring to your electric and gas usage only, we are willing to pay the first $100 of your monthly PG&E bill (which will remain in our name), but anything over that all tenants in the unit will have to pay us the difference before the bill is due. We will not wait and deduct it from your security deposit.

16) Do you have any "Smoking" units?  There is NO SMOKING OR VAPING in any of the units or the game room, you can smoke outside but remember you are responsible to clean up and dispose of any cigarette butts that are yours or your guests. Smoking/Vaping in the units can cause you to be immediately evicted from our property.

17)Practice Pole Yard:  We have installed 6 climbing poles in our yard, these are strictly for the tenants of Lineman Life Properties use. At NO TIME will anyone be allowed to drink alcohol and climb the poles. No one is allowed to climb the poles without someone from Lineman Life Properties being at the premise to ensure safe practices are being followed.

18) What if I have to cancel my room reservation or decide/have to leave NLC?  In the event you decide or have to leave NLC (for any reason) and therefore vacate your room you will forfeit all rent paid and your security deposit, (if we can rent your room to someone else we will credit anything collected over what your stay would have generated back to you). If you notify us no less than 30 days prior to the first day of class that you have decided to cancel your room with us, we will return your deposit.